Lithium Mod

12. 19. 2022

Lithium Mod

Lithium is a very popular mod for Minecraft. Its primary goal is to increase the game's performance through several optimizations including chunk generation and vanilla mob AI upgrades.

The Lithium mod doesn't change vanilla behavior. It optimizes as much code possible, without any noticeable changes to gameplay.

Installing Lithium can often result in a performance boost of more than 40%. These dramatic performance gains have been noticed by the Minecraft community. The mod has almost 2 million downloads.

How to install the Lithium Mod for Minecraft Servers

Both the Minecraft client and server can have lithium installed.

Lithium needs Fabric to function. Fabric is a modloader. You can download it and install it from the link below.

Get the Fabric Mod Loader

The video tutorial below will help those who are not familiar with how to install Fabric.

Once Fabric is installed, players can move on to the next step: installing the Lithium Mod. You can download the mod from Curseforge. The link is below.

Minecraft Lithium Mod Download

After downloading the Lithium mod, players can drag it into their mods folder. This folder can also be found in %appdata%->.minecraft-> mods if you are using regular Minecraft clients.

After this, Lithium can be installed fully.

How to use the Lithium Mod for Minecraft Servers

Once the mods folder is installed, Lithium will become fully functional. If the mod has been installed locally, players should experience an increase in FPS. Server admins will notice an increase in ticks-per-second (TPS) after installing the mod to their server. TPS can easily be checked by using the command “/tps”.

The default settings for Lithium are fine, but players have the ability to modify them to their hearts' delight. Editing the configuration file is a way to do this. This will be generated when the mod launches for the first time.

You can find a complete list of optimizations you can toggle in this configuration file here.

NOTICE: Many, if not all optimizations are enabled automatically. For the best performance, they should be enabled. Only experienced players should attempt to toggle optimizations.

How to get the most out of Lithium

Both the Sodium- and Phosphor-mods are recommended for players who want to improve their performance. Phosphor optimizes Minecraft's slow chunk loading system and Sodium rewrites Minecraft's lighting engine to make it more efficient.

You can install both mods by simply dropping them in the mods folder. They can also be used with Lithium.