Best trident enchantments

12. 26. 2022

Best trident enchantments

Tridents are a rare drop that can only be found in Minecraft. They can be used as melee or ranged weapons and can also be enchanted in many ways to enhance their abilities. Tridents are available with seven different enchantments that can be used to make them into more versatile Minecraft weapons. One enchantment is quite harmful, however, as not all are equally beneficial.

If players are able to get a trident it can be useful to know which enchantments work best.

Each Minecraft trident charm is ranked by its benefits

7) Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing is one of Minecraft's two “curse” curse enchantments. It causes the item to disappear upon death and makes it impossible to recover. This enchantment is ineffective in Minecraft Hardcore, as players are locked out of the world if they die once. However, it serves mainly as an obstruction or joke in normal Survival Mode.

This enchantment is best avoided as it does not serve any positive purpose beyond a few laughs at the misfortune of someone losing their trident.

6) Impaling

Impaling, a Minecraft enchantment, acts differently in different game versions. Both versions can be used by players who explore bodies of water. A trident with Impaling enchanted in Java Edition will do additional damage to aquatic mobs.

Players from the Bedrock Edition will do more damage to mobs in water during an attack. Impaling is very useful, especially when dealing with drowned guardians or elder guardians in ocean monuments. Impaling isn't as helpful outside of water.

5) Riptide

Riptide is one of the most entertaining enchantments in Minecraft. It allows players to travel long distances and even do some parkour. This enchantment allows players to follow their trident as it is thrown and jump through the air along with it.

This is a great way to get around, but it also increases a player's combat mobility. There is one catch. Riptide can only be used by players who are wet. Riptide requires players to be either in water or contact with rain. Riptide is a situational game that can be quite helpful and fun.

4) Channeling

Lightning strikes are one of the most dangerous hazards in Minecraft. With Channeling, players have the ability to transform their trident into an enormous lightning rod. A bolt of lightning will be summoned if there is a thunderstorm and the player is in the open sky.

The trident is a powerful weapon that deals large amounts of damage. The fact that Channeling requires a thunderstorm to function makes it non-commandable. It can still be extremely helpful to strike mobs with lightning power.

3) Unbreaking

Unbreaking is one of the most popular Minecraft enchantments. It allows players to extend the life expectancy of enchanted items. Although it doesn't improve the item's durability technically, it increases the chance that it won't lose its durability when it's used.

This allows players to use their trident longer without it breaking or needing to be repaired. It allows players to keep their trident in the best condition possible, as tridents are a rare drop in Minecraft.

2) Mending

Mending is a rare enchantment in Minecraft. However, it's very useful. The player can enchant a piece or gear with Mending to increase its durability.

Mending, similar to Unbreaking is great for keeping rare items such as tridents in excellent condition. Players with functioning XP farms will have no trouble keeping their trident and other gear enchanted by Mending from breaking for a long time. It's a good idea to apply the Mending enchantment to your trident if you can find one.

1) Loyalty

Although a trident is a useful weapon for ranged use in Minecraft, players must always retrieve it after it has been thrown. Players can however use the Loyalty Enchantment to have their trident returned to them after it is thrown.

This makes the player's enchanted weapon a boomerang, regardless of which target it hits. It will become an item for Minecraft players if the trident returns to them while they are still alive. To prevent their trident potentially dissolving, players should be cautious.