Best Minecraft servers

01. 02. 2023

Best Minecraft servers

There are thousands of Minecraft servers. It can be difficult to find the best one. If you are not willing to search through all the servers and simply want to know the best Minecraft servers of 2021, you have landed in the correct place. Below is a list of top Minecraft servers of 2021. They offer a variety of categories, including classic survival, Parkour, PVP, and competitive minigames. These servers can be accessed 24×7. Let's get started.

What are Minecraft servers?

Minecraft servers, which can be owned by players or businesses and used to play Minecraft, are multiplayer servers that allow users to connect with other Minecraft players. These servers enable gamers to play online, or join a local network. According to reports, the official server software can only be downloaded on Java Edition in its current release state. This is a list of the top Minecraft servers you can join to play online. However, it's more fun to join servers as it allows you to have more variety in the game. It is possible to join anonymous servers and explore them. You can become a member of a community to help it grow.

Purple Prison


The Purple Prison Minecraft server is one of the top-notch servers in the world of prison servers. The server is ranked at the top because it has been updated frequently in the 7 years since its creation. Because it has interesting gameplay in categories such as building, PVP and mining, as well as Parkour, it is a popular server. To join the server, you can use the IP address above. There are three game modes: PvP, Prison, and Parkour. The average player count on Purple Prison Minecraft server is over 1200.

Roleplay Hub


The Roleplay Hub server is next on the list, and is well-known for its social roleplay. The average player count is 200+ and it welcomes both veterans and newbies. Roleplay Hub is well-known for its Japanese high school roleplay. Players can roleplay as students or teachers. You can create your storyline by interfacing with hundreds of other players roleplaying in the school. You can join the servers using the IP address above. There are three game modes: Roleplay and RPG.

Origin Realms


Origin Realms, also known as Minecraft 2. You can currently access it in beta form. This means that you can now join the server to test out new features. Origin Realms is a popular Minecraft server due to its many features, such as animated cutscenes and rick questline. This server is a great example of how hard the developer put into it. There are three game modes available on the servers: Survival, RPG and Quests. The server has an average of 150 players.

Minecraft Central


Minecraft Central was launched in 2016 and has been very popular ever since. It hosts thousands of players concurrently and features a variety of classic-style game modes. Every game mode has been updated over the years. It includes game modes such as Survival, Factions and Hide & Seek. It boasts more than 1400 players, making it a very popular server.

Lunar Network


The Lunar Network server is next on the Minecraft serccers list. This server is very popular among Minecraft 1.8 PvP players. The server has 1v1 mode, making it a popular spot for PvP players. The server also has Lunar Client, a custom client that allows gamers to practice their skills. It has an anti-cheat system built in that ensures fair play. There are currently more than 350 users on the Lunar Network and there are game modes such as PvP or Kit-PvP.



At peak times, Hypixel server hosts more than 1,00,000. The server's success is due to the continuous development and innovation in new game modes. Hypixel has game modes such as Minigames and Skyblock. The average player count is more than 90,000.


IP: mineclub.comMineClub offers a gaming experience and a fun server. It is a social Minecraft server that offers mini-games to players for some great fun. Players can also earn coins that unlock custom cosmetics and wacky rear caps. It's not the right place for you if you want high-intensity gaming. There are several game modes on the server, including Roleplay, Minigames, and Social. The server has an average of 600 players.



Poke-Smash, a server dedicated to pixelmon and Pokemon games, is the perfect place to visit. You can explore the blocky lands of Poke-Smash, and it's one among the most popular pixelmon Minecraft server servers. You can trade, train, and catch Pokemons on this server. You can also enjoy features such as battle tournaments, rare shiny Pokemon and Pokemon gym. There are more than 250 players on the server.

CamperCraft Survival SMMP


CamperCraft Survival Multiplayer is a small server offering a friendly tightknight SMP (Survival Multiplayer). It receives regular updates, which allow players to take advantage of new Minecraft features. The server supports game modes such as Survival and SMP. It hosts an average of 50+ players.

Parkour Craft


Parkour Craft is a dedicated Minecraft server that allows parkour. Parkour allows players to jump between blocks, which is what all Minecraft players know. Parkour has been a part Minecraft for many years, and gamers are still obsessed with it. There are more than 100 parkour maps that can be customized on the server. These maps are available for players of all levels. There are no restrictions. Every map has a different difficulty level and theme. As a reward, the player receives in-game coins after completing a parkour map. The coins can be used to purchase hats and boots, as well as custom cosmetics. Parkour Craft has an average of more than 100 players.