7 best Survival Minecraft servers

01. 26. 2023

7 best Survival Minecraft servers

Minecraft has gained massive fame with its gameplay from its aspects of building and exploration. But the one aspect that remains as much popular with many of its players is survival.

In Minecraft, the survival aspect lets you craft tools and weapons, flock resources, fight the mobs, and construct shelters. These are all ways of the old school with Minecraft, which are still quite a favorite with many Minecraft fans.

And if you are one, read on to look at the 7 best survival Minecraft servers to play.

1.     ManaCube


Manacube is here for the long haul as it's been running since 2013, the year of its inception. It has rather seen some enrichment with game modes, one of which being survival, over the years. The server also hosts several themes such as PvP, Parkour, and Prison.

Manacube also has other game modes in plentiful, much to the joy of its players. It constantly strives to keep things exciting for players as they participate in various contests and events.

2.     MineVille


MineVille comes stacked with content enough to spoil a player by choice. It is one of the most leading Minecraft servers in terms of survival action in gameplay. Further, the other game modes come with several 'twists and turns' unfurling as you progress. Some of the plot twists are marriages, jobs, ancient trials, and races, to name a few.

If that's not enough, this Minecraft server also offers players to use some of its custom charms and enchantments. MineVille is undoubtedly one of the best you can bet on playing.

3.     Jartex Network


One of the most delightful Minecraft servers is the Jartex Networks. It offers a wide range of popular game modes to choose from for players, such as prison, factions, and kitpvp.

Jartex Networks witnesses thousands of Minecraft players joining in daily to enjoy the game. But what makes it incredibly current is the best-in-class game mode quality. It has all the required aspects, which come refined and well-constructed right from the time you join.

4.     Datblock


Datblock is undoubtedly one of the most popular contenders, mainly with Java Edition. It offers various survival games, from skyblock to normal to creative survival.

What makes Datblock interesting is its Earth map in the basic form, which covers real wars and countries. It also has the map for planet Mars and its colonies. It has Datearth, a geopolitical map where nations and towns combat through warfare and diplomacy to claim power. 

5.     Pixelmon Reforged Server


If you are a Pokémon fan, Pixelmon Reforged is the ideal Minecraft server. You only need to install a mod called Pixelmon mod. It will help you choose from more than 850 Pokémon and play the game.

Besides Pokemon as the theme for its gameplay, this Minecraft server also offers various game modes on vanilla. They are creative, survival, and of course, skyblock to satiate players who love the essence of Minecraft.

6.     MineSuperior


If you are a sucker for medieval themes, MineSuperior has what you want with its ancient theme and is a great survival Minecraft server with Java Edition. But its emphasis is not solely on survival gameplay, but it includes a host of various game modes for its players.

MineSuperior is also up-to-date with upgrades in its survival gameplay. Their latest enhancement is the two-themed Skyblock Empire which includes Skyblock Rome and Skyblock Greece. Talk about getting the feel of ancient and medieval times, and it can't get better than this.

7.     Purple Prison


Purple Prison is a Minecraft server that suits players of all skills. This prison-themed Minecraft server sets its basis in prison in the virtual world. The format requires you to combat several prison ranks to progress to new levels. At the same time, you can contest for land plots, create shops within the game, and take part in events.

The success of Purple Prison is evident from the many returning players in hundreds daily, and its reputation extends to some YouTubers playing it, such as Skeppy and PewDiePie.

Purple Prison has a robust and stronghold community with over 23,000 members. This Minecraft server has a unique team ensuring the server is always safe and apt to ease all players' ability to enjoy irrespective of their skill.