1.17 Minecraft Servers

01. 28. 2023

1.17 Minecraft Servers

The best way to explore the Caves and Cliffs update at the moment is through Minecraft servers.

The best way to communicate with other Minecraft players is through servers. There are many things to do on Minecraft servers, including minigames and creative plots as well as anarchist survival server.

Many people who play on multiplayer servers are beginning to wonder which servers would be best for the Caves and Cliffs update.

MGU ONE (IP mc.mgu.one

MGU ONE provides skyblock, survival and roleplay as well as factions. As they are prepared for the Caves and Cliffs upgrade, they also support Minecraft 1.17. MGU has indicated that some servers are not ready for the update.

Centural (IP : centural.us

Centural is a Java snapshot development server. A Minecraft player must have 21w11a installed, which is the most recent snapshot, in order to be able to join.

It is a small server, but it can create a close-knit community. A lot of land remains on the server so players can watch the server grow and still be a regular player.


Since 2014, the Purple Prison Minecraft server is in operation. You can play survival, roleplay, or parkour.

It is a very well-rounded server that has a lot of things to offer. It runs smoothly, so players don't have to worry about slowing down when they join.

Minehut (IP: mc.minehut.com)

Minehut allows players the ability to join servers already established and also allows them to create their own servers without any cost. There have been many questions on the Minehut forum about server updates.

Other members of the Minehut community have reassured that chunks will not pose a problem and that it will all work in the players' favor. This is a great way to make friends and create a server.

KiloCraft (IP: 50kilo.org)

KiloCraft can be a great place to check out the Caves and Cliffs update. It's also a Minecraft 1.17 snapshot service.

Every player should take some time to explore the many things and places on this server.

This article will focus on mods, updates, and how Caves or Cliffs might affect a player's play style. It may also help them prepare.